Horrors of the Deep Pt.3

Horrors of the Deep Pt.3

Syd Turner, Writer

I crept over slowly not trying to disturb the people that were in the house. But I heard a crack. It was coming from the opposite direction. I had to warn the owner of the house that people were trying to rob him, then hopefully he would let me stay the night. I didn’t want to stay out in the cold with nothing to eat besides fish which I didn’t know how to catch. I walk inside the house. 

“Hello”  I called out. There was no answer.

“Hello anybody home, there’s people outside.” I called again, but it was the same as last time, no answer.

“I was also wondering if I could stay the night. I got lost in the river and have no place to stay.” No answer. At this point I was pretty sure no one was home. I walk upstairs looking at the gold plated railing of the stair railing. Wow this person is rich. I think. Sit down on the stairs not knowing what to do. I hear rumbling from down stairs. I go down. I see two guys in black hoodies. One was about six foot tall light brown hair, white about in his thirties. I didn’t see his partner’s face. They grabbed a book. I caught a glimpse. Of what I read it said “Marys ideas.” Then I realized. This was Elizabeth Mary’s house, a famous celebrated author, and what they took was her book of ideas that her mother gave her. Yes I know I am kind of creeping on her but she’s my favorite writer. I stayed out of site. Hoping the robbers would come back so I could look at the other guy’s face. After an hour, they didn’t come.  I came back into site and ran outside. I followed the river back up stream, by now the sky was pitch black and I knew I couldn’t go on for long.

l went back to Elizabeths.


This time the door was closed. As I left it. 

Phew. I thought. I walked inside locking the door behind me. Found one of the guest rooms and went to sleep. 


I woke up on the ground. Wondering how I got there. I turn around. RIght there, a 8 foot tall grizzly bear.

“OH MY GOSH!” I screamed. I immediately got up and sprinted. I felt the forest floor dig into my bare feet. I closed my eyes resisting my legs painful cry to stop. Sprinting faster,, I could hear the bear closing behind me. I looked over my shoulder. Thats when I felt it. Falling. Swivling my head forward, i saw it. Flailing and screaming i was trying to catch hold of something. But I couldn’t, I was falling, and I couldn’t see where I was going. Then I saw it again, a phoenix the color of blood swilring around me. Wait, it wasnt blood red, it was soaked in blood. I look at my back the best I can and saw that the bear had slashed my back. Dropplets of blood lifted from my back and went into the bird. 



The horrible sound fulled my brain. I looked down, but I was to late.