March Madness

Max Donnelly, Writer

March Madness is known to have crazy upsets but 2021 is one of the craziest. The NCAA did not hold this tournament last year due to Covid-19 but it is back on track for 2021. There have been many upsets this year including a 15 seed upsetting a number 2 seed. March Madness is a big bracket of college basketball teams. It starts with 8 teams trying to get to even play in the tournament but then there are 64 teams and it goes on like bracket style, you win you move on. People like to fill out brackets and predict who will win. There are 4 sections of the bracket the West, East, South, and Midwest. That means there are 4 number 1 seeds 2 seeds and so on. 


The 15 seed Oral Roberts upset the 15 seed Ohio St. which is very rare to see a 15 seed win. There have only been 9 wins from 15 seeds. They also won to make it to the sweet 16. This year every seed except for a 16 seed has won a game in the bracket. The best rated team going into it this year was Gonzaga. The number 1 seed Illinois lost in the second round of the tournament. There have been no perfect bracket out of the millions around the world. Only .4% of people predicted Oral Roberts would even win. Filling out NCAA brackets are fun and a way to earn money. Going into the tournament Gonzaga was 26 and 0 with no losses.


There have been 16 upsets going into the sweet 16. A lot of people love supporting the lower seeds and when they win and they all feel great for the kids winning out of the ordinary. The lowest seed to ever win the title is the Villanova

 Wildcats which were a 8 seed. There has only been 1 16 seed win in 2018 when UMBC beat Virginia in the first round. March Madness is a about upsets and the fun of filling out brackets. Kentucky has the most all time wins in March Madness. In the beginning rounds there are almost always games on so there is always basketball to watch. The finals will be held on April 11th