What Kind of McAuliffe Assignments are the Hardest


Margaret Martin, Writer

Everyone has different strengths and difficulties so this is just my personal opinion about the most difficult and hardest types of assignments at McAuliffe. The first type of graded assignments are multiple choice, these are on the easier side of assignments because they mostly require knowing the information well and don’t require you to phrase things witch can be difficult. Next is the short answers and perfect sentences witch are harder than multiple choice questions but not to difficult because you usually go over the information in class right before so it is not having to create a 100% original idea on the spot. After short answers come CERs witch are pretty difficult but depend on the topic and how much evidence you have to include and how much your teacher helps you. CERs are also very different in difficulty depending on the class they are assigned in with science CERs being less frequent and usually a bit harder than language arts CERs. Finally there is the essays witch come in two forms, the first type of essays are both easier and harder than the other type, these are on demand essays. On demand essays are easier because they require less work and reasoning however they also have a often limited timespan and are more stressful to right. The other type of essays are for end of units and final projects were you go over the work in class and have 2 – 3 body paragraphs will full introduction paragraphs and conclusion paragraphs. These essays have more time and assistance from teachers when it comes to writing, however they also require significantly more work and it can be hard to find evidence, and create reasoning at a larger scale with more bulk writing also involved.

So the order of difficult goes essays of both types at the top with full essays being a little harder than on demand essays, next are CERs in all classes, after CERs comes, short answers and perfect sentence prompts, finally multiple choice questions and quizzes are some of the easiest.

Once again this is just my personal opinion, other people have different struggles and could have completely different ideas as to the most difficult and easiest types of assignments.