The Knights of Migore #5


Kirin Davidson, Writer

The Knights of Migore #5

By: Kirin Davidson


The wind flew by the Knights as they rode back to the Kingdom to stop the King from making any wishes.


Once they got there they dismounted their horses and ran to the palace for they did not want to attract any attention because they were wanted criminals.. 

“Wait, what are we going to do when we get there?” Windle asked. “The guards will stop us before we even get in. Also, even if we get in, we don’t know if the King has figured out how to use the stone yet. He might wish us away.”

“We’ll just have to take that bet.” Rylen said. “You have a good point though, let’s pick up the pace.” 

The Knights ran forward until they could see the palace and came to a stop. Rylen pointed to a building next to them. They flew over and hid from the guards.

“Okay, here’s the plan,”


“Hey boys,” Windle jumped out and waved his hands in front of the guards.

“Hey, that’s one of those Knights that we need to arrest?” One of the guards said. 

“Yeah, get him!” The other one yelled.

“Uh oh.” Windle ran out of the palace the guards following close behind.


Ryler ran to the doors and opened them. He saw the King and a man behind him. 

“Well, well, well,” The King handed the man next to him the stone. “I don’t think you have been formally introduced to my friend here.” He pointed to the man, “This is Lord Murdor, he is a sorcerer. He is here to show me how to use the stone, I’m sure you know what that is by now.”

“Well let’s see how he does in battle.” Ryler pulled out his sword. Lord Murdor walked forward and pulled out a staff. 

Ryler charged at Lord Murdor. The Lord waved his hand with much ease and Ryler was thrown across the room. 

“You are weak.” Murdor said, “You can not defeat me.”

“Oh I know,” Ryler got up, “but he can.” He pointed to Jastar who had the stone in his hand. The King looked at his hand, confused. 

“I wish for The King and Lord Murdor to disappear!” Jastar exclaimed. The King closed his eyes praying for the best but nothing happened. 

“You fool,” Lord Murdor laughed, “you have to speak with pain. The pain and madness you have. The stone is a dark horrible magic that takes your happiness every time you use it.” He shot a beam of light from his staff at Jastar and pulled the stone towards him with a jester of his hand. He walked above Jastar and started to grin, an evil grin. “Time to die!”

“No!” Ryler threw his sword as strong as he could at Lord Murdor. It passed right past him and onto the ground. 

“You missed.” Murdor looked confused.

“Did I?” Ryler pointed to Jastar once more. Jastar slashed his sword right across his leg. He screamed in pain, falling to the ground. Jastar hit the lord in the head with the handle of his sword. Lord Murdor was knocked out. 

“Where’s the King?” Ryler asked, looking at the empty throne.

“He’s right here.” Windle walked in and threw the King on the ground.


“Ladies and gentleman of the Kingdom, our King is a traitor!” Ryler blamed, “He wanted to make you all follow him with a magic stone that grants him wishes.” 

Everyone laughed except for one man. It was Dave. he stepped up with the Knights. 

‘Everyone, this is not a joke. I am the King of the Kingdom of the North.” 

All of the people fell silent.

“We have put the King in a cell, from now on, King Dave will be your King.” Ryler resumed. 

The Knights walked off, down the road. 

“What about that sorcerer guy?” Jastar asked, “What did we do with him?”

“While we were at the library I read about this cell that was magic proof so I put him in one. He will never see the light of day again.”


The End