Arthur The Hero Cat


Riley Nanista, Writer

Arthur The Hero Cat


Arthur, a domestic shorthair cat, saved his two best friends by killing a venomous snake, in February 2020. 


One day Arthur was following his two little humans, (foster parents kids whose names did not want to be posted), around the yard. The kids were just playing in the yard not ready for what was about to happen.


“Every time before we let our kids out, we remind them to watch out for snakes or scary creatures.” says the kids mom. They lived in an area that had lots of wild animals and creatures in it, so they were used to seeing snakes and other reptiles. But, they had never seen one quite like this. 


The kids were playing in the yard and sat down to do a game of “patty cake”. Their parents had also just come outside as well to take advantage of the beautiful weather. They watched their kids and talked about the recent increase in the snake population in their area. Arthur sat down next to his two little humans and relaxed in the sun. 


Everything was going normal until the kids noticed something in the grass moving slowly. They thought it was just a little garden snake but little did they know it was one of the most venomous snakes in the U.S. A Eastern Brown snake. 


Arthur immediately noticed the snake and the danger it could bring to his family. Arthur stood up and walked into the kids till they got annoyed. He finally got them to stand up and walk away. But the snake just followed them. Arthur finally realized that the snake was in “attack mode” and no matter what was going after his humans. He decided he needed to strike. 


The snake started at the kids faster and that’s when Arthur jumped. 


He grabbed the snake with his mouth and bit in just as the snake bit Arthur. Arthur grabbed the snake again, threw him around and then tossed him across the yard. His parents saw this all. They jumped up still in shock and grabbed their kids. They ran inside and then immediately called the vet. They drove Arthur to the vet crossing their fingers they could save their cat. 


They arrived and received the bad news. It was the worst news of their life, but they knew that Arthur died as a hero and will always be known and recognized as one. 


In memory of Arthur the family customized the box his ashes were placed in. It reads, “Arthur the cat, aka our hero and saviour.”. Arthur was also one of the most known/best cats at his vet. Everybody knew and loved him. So, in honor of him, they put up a small statue of him in front of their office so everybody would know his heroic story.