12 and Under Tech-Suit Ban

Sarah Runge, Writer

12 and under tech suit ban


This act is fairly new 12 and under not allowed to wear techsuits anymore. Why?, You may ask well you’ll find out as you read further along. 

The tech suit restriction was proposed by the leading Age group development committee. This act went into effect for 12-and-under swimmers on September 1, 2020.

How to know if you’re able to wear your techsuit. First is all about the design of your suit. Does it have seams or tape? What meet are you using this at? Can I wear it at all? When thinking about the design of your technical suit you wanna see if your technical sit is bonded with and tape or taped seam, secondly you wanna make sure it doesn’t have any woven past the hip. But you must note any suit with the woven fabric below the knees is permitted. As well as a suit with woven fabric and sewn seams that do not extend below the hips is also permitted. Now that you know if your suit will work when can you wear the 500$ suit that you’ll wear once. Well, the answer is for younger swimmers who have qualified for the USA Junior National Championships. Complaint suits consist of any suit that does not have the FINA logo on it is approved for 12- and underuse. Next time make sure your suit is legal so you don’t go the best time and get disqualified for wearing one.