Hoop Dreams Part 1


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School class teacher giving lesson in front of a blackboard or board teaching students or pupils, they are raising their hands as they know all the answers

Genesis Key, Writer

The doors started to open

All of the kids ran to see all of their friends

For the next school year

But as I ease a another step

More kids kept rushing in

Like their huge surprise

As I tiptoe to the office 

I ask ‘’where should I go for my first period’’

‘’Oh left, down hall to right and go to 208’’ the lady said in the office

‘’Okay’’, I said 

I did not know anybody

I dd not know anything or biggest news of last year

I did not know where my classes were

It was all downfall for me as soon I step in that door

But I notice I was the first one there 

I was relief

But was I so early that I have to be the first one to be here

A woman look at up to me

‘’ Hi,I’m Ms.O and I’ll be your 7th grade homeroom teacher for this year’’. 

  ‘’What is your name’’. Ms.O said

‘’My name is Ruby Val’’. I said

‘’Well Ruby you will have an awesome year with me, I heard great things about you from old teachers from 6th grade’’. Ms.O said


‘’Really’’, I wonder


‘’ Yeah Really, I just need you to sit over at the fifth seat in the front that’s where you will be sitting for the rest of the year so then I can see your lovely face every day you walk in my classroom.’’ 


‘’ Well really talk deep for a teacher’’. I said to Ms.O confusedly 


‘’Yeah before I wanted to become a teacher in my life I always wanted to be a poet but Potery studies became lower as went to college then i had my child Mat and my poetry skills went away quickly so only I was good was teaching kids so I started learn about teaching and i became teacher anyway that was just background knowledge about me since you seem curious about it.’’

‘’Well I did not expect that and all I asked was a simple answer but telling you your past is fine’’.  I said


‘’Well at least you know how deep I am.’’ Ms.O said camly


‘’’Indeed I do’’. I said 

As our conversation ended more kids came in class

And it was louder than I thought

As more kids was coming 

I was becoming more confused and nervous 

As I didn’t know anybody 

Maybe the kid with pink shirt I knew or the boy who red and black jordans I knew

It was all going through my head like bees in their bee hive and fishies in their seas


Right after everybody came Ms.O got everybody to sit down and ask everybody to introduce themselves so everybody got to know each other and this is where everything felt like falling for me but only the inside.


To be continued….