The State of School

Jack McCall, Writer

 Why is it that…

A camera today isn’t the same as a camera 100 years ago.

A person today is not the same as a person 100 years ago.

A job today isn’t the same as 100 years ago.

Every year, however, the military, the police, everything…

Get new things.

But classrooms… many have not changed since times before electricity. 

Many schools are now classified as historic buildings, they are  now so old.

Some have no heat. Some don’t even have running water. 

But still… it is okay with society.

Many students who need support to learn… are told they are just lazy.

Many students who aspire to be something more than 

An accountant

A factory worker 

A truck driver 

They want to follow their own path. |
But they are told to sit down.

Raise your hand if you wish to speak.

Fill out the worksheet or you will fail. 

Why is it that out worth as a human being

Is based on gpa

On marks

On your last name?

“Be a doctor.” “Be a lawyer” “Be a businessman.”

Or you will fail in life.

Why is it that…

At schools, we are taught everything that we would need to know.

Or so they say. 

We are taught chemical reactions. And slopes. And we analyze Edgar Allen Poe. 

These are undoubtedly important.

But unfortunately, what the education system does not realize is that we need to know more.

How do we build a relationship?

Or eat right?

Or do taxes?

Or understand the justice system?

All these things we are taught…

What exactly can we do with them?

How do I pay for college? 

How do I get a degree outside of state or country?

How am I supposed to live a full life when we are not given a life to live?