Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Open Up to Oprah Winfrey


Margaret Bingham, Writer

The biggest interview of the decade happened on March 7, when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Over 17 million Americans tuned in to hear Harry and Meghan tell their side of a dramatic Royal row. The interview took place in Harry and Meghan’s backyard.

Harry and Meghan were married in 2018 in an opulent royal wedding. Nearly thirty million Americans watched them get married. Meghan Markle is American. Many of her fellow countrymen were interested in seeing an American become a princess. Markle’s honeymoon period didn’t last long, if it began at all. The British press was brutal. After years of racist attacks on Markle, Harry and Meghan left the royal family.

During the interview, Markle said she experienced suicidal thoughts because of the hostility directed at her by the British press. When she asked for help, the palace refused to help her. She was pregnant at the time with her first son, Archie. It seems the racism directed at Markle wasn’t just in the press. Harry reported a conversation with an unknown family member who was concerned that Archie would have dark skin. Both Harry and Meghan said one reason they decided to leave the Royal Family was because they did not feel safe. The good news is that they’ve found a place where they do feel safe and they are having another baby, a baby girl.