Madison Bethel, Writer

All star week was pretty intense. Lebron’s starting line up was himself , Luka from the Magic, Jokic from the nuggets, Giannis from the bucks, Curry from the golden state warriors.  


And for Kevin Durant’s starting line up it was Kyrie from the nets, Embiid from the 76ers, Bradley Beal from the Washington and Kawhi  from the clippers 


They both had really good teams but Lebron’s teams pulled off the win. It was a close game until the fourth quarter. And what happened in the fourth quarter you ask. Well  Curry from the golden state warriors hit a whole bunch of threes and Lebron kept hitting good passes so they could dunk and then the game was over.


Halftime  the dunk contest happened and well it was not as interesting as we thought it would be. Well a kid named Anfernee Simons tried to kiss the rim but it failed. But surprisingly he won the dunk contest 


And last is the 3 point shooting contest. We all know that Stephen curry won. And he got 31 points at the end i am pretty sure that is impossible to do because some people can barely make 1 so how can he make 31 points