Concerts in pods

Cooper Savell, journalist

Concerts in pods watching concerts during covid 

I want  concerts. I am going to assume that you do to.One other option exists. Many countries are finding success with socially-distant concerts that use  athing  known as fan pods. These events place people in groups of two or more, and every group stays in a one area where only they can enjoy the show. The interaction with other concertgoers is minimal, as are the interactions with venue staff. It’s a bold notion that could provide more options for live music in the future, but it has been slow to catch on in  america 

Recently,   James Shotwell traveled to Tennessee to watch an outdoor, socially-distant concert utilizing fan pods. 

If you want to watch a concert would you watch one in these pods these pods are very convenient and easy to hear music but don’t give the same experience of a real concert for example these concerts you can only be with 3-4 people and are not with people you do not know. 

Audience Event PodsI have never been to a concert but this seems cool to be in a pod.