How to Make Veggie Sushi


Stella Cooper, Writer

Sushi is a rolled Japanese food that almost everyone knows about. Sushi has a wide variety of ingredients like tuna, crab, and even sea urchins. Sushi can come in many forms and has spread to America where Americans have made California Rolls and vegetarian sushi.

Sushi has been made in many ways but in this recipe, you will need a small bamboo mat so you can roll the sushi. When you use the bamboo mat make sure to wrap it in plastic wrap so you can get the sticky rice out of the mat quicker when you are done with the sushi.



¼ cup of sushi rice


1 nori sheet for each roll


2 cucumber sticks for each roll


2 sliced avocados for each roll


1 tbsp of Japanese mayo for each roll




  1. On a ¾ sheet of Nori shiny side up spread the rice across to make an equal layer.
  2. Add the cucumber slices, sliced avocados, and Japanese mayo.
  3. Roll the ingredients into an even roll.
  4. Cut into equal pieces and serve.




  1. Coat your fingers with water so the rice does not get stuck to your hands.
  2. Coat the knife you use to cut the rolls in water so it does not get stuck.
  3. Don’t underfill or overfill the rolls so that you can’t roll them.


(Thanks to Create Cooking School for showing me how to make sushi and showing me how to write a recipe.)