Migrants Stuck in the Border


There aren’t just adults stuck in the border, there are also children. According to CNN, as of Tuesday, there are 3,400 unaccompanied children stuck at the border. There has been a peak in unaccompanied minors, in 2019 there were 2,600 unaccompanied minors at the border now there are 3,400. The Biden administration addressed this as a stressful situation. Over 100,000 migrants have been arrested by  U.S. authorities in the past month. Usually the number of migrants crossing goes down in the winter, and creeps upward in the spring. The fact that we’re already seeing higher numbers could be a sign that we’ll keep seeing the number of migrants at the border grow. 13 undocumented migrants died in a car crash last week. Authorities say 25 people were packed inside a Ford Expedition that had the capacity to safely carry eight. And that the same vehicle was spotted going through a hole in the border fence. Verlyn Cardona, a woman who survived the crash, told CNN “People were running in and climbing on top of others.” When Trump was in office, the Trump administartion built a  border wall that stretched 453 miles long. 9.2 million people were affected by hurricanes last year in Central America. Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota didn’t get much attention in the United States when the powerful storms slammed into Central America last year. But they’re likely one big reason behind a lot of the migration that’s happening right now.