When am I Going to get Vaccinated?


Sam Wallace, Writer


After weeks of hearing how many doses of the new covid vaccine were produced that day, many people are left wondering why they haven’t gotten one yet.

As of the end of January, 36 million doses of the vaccine had been manufactured but only about 16.5 million shots had been given to patients. One reason for this is how hard it is to transport these vaccines. Pfizer states that their vaccine should be stored and transported at -112ºF to ‑76ºF. This makes it near impossible to deliver these vaccines to third-world countries that desperately need them. And to make it more difficult, many people don’t want to take the vaccine saying that they believe it was rushed and because they may have cut corners to get a vaccine, no one knows if it is really safe for use.


Recently the US government has been pushing to get as many people partially vaccinated as possible meaning that they wouldn’t be getting the 2nd dose that makes them more immune to the virus. The government’s best guess is that one dose of the vaccine only makes someone about 60% immune to the virus. Although studies are inconclusive as to whether that means that you cannot transmit the disease or you just don’t get the life-threatening symptoms. Even with people only getting half of the vaccine, it is estimated that anyone below the age of 50 who is not an essential worker will not be getting vaccinated until the end of the year