New Tom and Jerry Movie Review

Logan Bader, Writer

The new Tom and Jerry movie has come to theaters and HBO Max where a rivalry we’ve all seen between Tom and Jerry comes to life as Jerry moves to New York City’s finest hotel. The new event planner named Kayla (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) is desperate to get Jerry out and hires Tom to make sure she keeps her job. In this world in which all animals are animated but humans are real, they are waiting for the biggest wedding of the century to happen while the iconic duo in Tom and Jerry continues to cause trouble.


This movie did not bring any big climaxes for the movie and the plot of the movie was not well executed. We all were expecting this hilarious and wholesome comedy duo of Tom and Jerry but instead the movie focused on the human characters and focused on Tom and Jerry as secondary characters which is not what many expected. The new movie did not bring back nostalgic memories for me that I experienced from the Tom and Jerry shows. I am not saying it is something you won’t like but other than kids laughing at the jokes, this movie deserves a better reboot if you are a fan of this iconic duo.