Aaron Donald Could Be On the Cover of Madden 22


Noble Barowsky, Writer

With the Super bowl being over Madden scouts are now looking for the new face of Madden 22 cover. Normally the franchise choses a young offensive player with a good reputation, to front its annual release. Defensive players come less often.

Having Richard Sherman on Madden 15 Troy Polamalu on Madden 10, and Ray Lewis on the cover of Madden 05. With only two and a half covers with defenders on them, there are fewer defends on the cover of Madden. And there are not really any obvious choices of defenders for the cover of Madden 22. 

Aaron Donald’s reputation as the arguable best ever grows. Donald won’t turn 30 until May of 2021 and has already made a pro bowl in each of his seven seasons.

Despite being a primarily defensive tackle Donald accumulated 85.5 sacks throughout his career as well as 131 tackles for a loss of yardage and 19 forced fumbles. So Donald could be the cover of Madden 22.