Shattered Ankle from Tiger Woods’ Car Accident


Ava Lowery, Writer

By Ava Lowery


     Tiger Woods, a professional golfer, recently injured his right leg from a car accident in Los Angeles, February twenty-fourth, twenty-twenty one. He, himself is the best golfer with 82 all-time PGA TOUR victories.


     It all started on a sunny morning, roughly 7:12 am. Woods was driving on a two lane road by himself around 30 miles South of downtown Los Angeles. Driving his Genesis, Woods was driving higher than the speed limit. There were no causes to the crash, other than possible medications or distractions such as his phone, or navigation. It seemed as though Woods was driving too fast and went off the road. Since the road was elevated, this could have caused his knee to be injured from crashing forward to the ground.


     Woods apparently injured his right leg multiple times, which is the leg that he uses to turn on the breaks of his car. Woods fractured the tibia and the fibula in his right leg, leaving bone through the skin and broken into multiple pieces. This leg injury had to be treated right away, so Woods was transported to the Los Angeles hospital for treatment. Later on, Woods had to get a lengthy surgery in order to fix and repair the major injuries throughout his right leg and ankle.


     Woods is planning on playing golf again later this year due to his back surgery and shattered ankle. He will have to recover for possibly 3 more months in order to play golf again. Woods has had some major injuries such as being knocked unconscious, back injuries, and now his fractured ankle that will take a lot of time to heal. Let’s hope that no more injuries are brought into Tiger Woods’ life.