How to Survive Sports Tryouts


Itiah González, Writer

You may have noticed that some people have a natural athletic ability. These are the people who have a higher probability of being chosen to be on a team. If you want to try out for a sport but you know you are not one of those people, follow the tips below in order to be successful at tryouts.


Arrive Early

Getting to tryouts early shows that you care about being on time and helping the coach prepare. It is best to use this time to practice and warm-up instead of talking to friends or being on your phone. Coaches value punctuality and reliability. Arriving early shows both of these qualities.


Be Prepared

Making sure to bring water, equipment, proper attire and medical documents (if required) is important. It is key to make a good first impression so that your coach knows that you are paying attention to detail and doing your best to make their lives easier.


Pay Attention

When the coach is explaining an activity you shouldn’t be talking to a friend or getting distracted. Coaches see when you are and are not paying attention. They want to coach a team, not a group of friends that are always going to be talking.


Practice Beforehand

Anytime you have free time in the weeks and days before tryouts, practice. Practice makes better, so keep practicing until you feel like you have enough skill to ace tryouts.


Be Coachable

Never act like you know everything there is to know about your sport. If your coach is trying to teach you, listen, absorb the advice and use it, practice it and show it off. Your coaches want to know that you are going to be easy to mold and cooperate with. 


If you follow all of these steps, you most likely won’t have any problem getting on that team. Good luck!