Tiger Woods Left Unconscious After a Horrible Car Crash


Kairine Brown, Writer

In Rolling Hills, California the famous and record-breaking golfer was found unconscious after a horrible crash on February 23. A resident of the area heard the crash and went to investigate. The man notified the authorities and told them that Woods has lost consciousness. When the first deputy arrived, Carlos Gonzalez, he decided that Woods was not unconscious just in shock, and was able to answer simple questions. Woods was sent to the hospital with severe injuries to his right leg and minor cuts on his face. According to the affidavit, Woods said that he didn’t remember driving or crashing. Later that  Tuesday, a search warrant was requested and approved to look into the crash and Wood’s car a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV’s black box. They believe that it will explain how and why the crash occurred. However, Schloegl, the head of the search committee, did not seek a warrant for Wood’s blood samples to see if he might have been on drugs or alcohol. Schloegl refuses to release publicly what he and his committee found on the site of the crash. Yet they are still working to determine more information about the crash considering there is little to go off of. There were no cars around or hazardous conditions. Woods also managed to cross two oncoming lanes, an uprooted tree and then crashed into a raised median. Sheriff Alex Villaneuva says that it was a pure accident, which is why authorities want to obtain a warrant for Wood’s blood. Dr. Andre Campbell, a trauma surgeon in San Francisco says that it is common for people to lose the memory of what happened and that Wood’s surgery wasn’t rare. He had surgery to stabilize his shattered tibia and fibula bones. For some major foot injuries, screws, and pins. This will end up being his 10th surgery for his golfing career. Though he has had a lot of injuries, he has never missed a full season of golf.