Ja Morant Overration


Felix Hillhouse, Writer

Ja Morant was recently not admitted to the 2021 all star team. Now obviously Morant was angry, he should be, he needs to have the confidence to believe he is the best player in the NBA to do well. If you don’t have confidence you won’t do well. This is just a fact about the NBA. The problem with Morant not being in the all star game though is fans are angry about Morant not making the all star game and really over rating Morant’s talent. Morant is one of the best young players in the NBA but he is not an all star player this year. People are talking about him and how he’s better than all these star players. Morant has amazing potential and could potentially be a top 2 point guard(behind Luka) but right now he is not at that level but people act like he is. Just earlier in the season a sports analyst was saying De’aaron Fox is a Walmart Ja Morant. While I think Ja Morant has a higher ceiling than Fox, Fox right now is the better player. While Morant is the more athletic player, Fox is better in almost every category skill wise. The only category I could put Morant ahead of Fox in is finishing. 

That’s just what Morant does. Morant has many problems outside of the paint though. His playmaking is, I will admit, elite. He can find the open guy at an elite rate and if he reaches his potential could easily be a 23 and 10 guy probably a lot better. His shooting on the other hand though, needs a lot of work. Morant is shooting abysmally from beyond the arc shooting a below average 23 percent from three. The league average shooting percentage from three is 37 percent based on basketball reference. Morant is almost 15 percent worse from three than league average and he’s a guard. Maybe it would be fine if Ja barely took threes but he is averaging 4 attempts per game. On only one of those 4 attempts does he usually make a three meaning he wastes on average three possessions a game shooting threes. Karl Anthony Towns, although not doing as well this year, averages 5 three point attempts per game this season, only one more than Morant. Kat is one of the best shooters in the league and probably the best shooting big man in the league. This means Morant is shooting as much as one of the best shooters in the league even though he can’t convert.

Part of the reason Morant has been thought of so highly this year is probably because people remember how he “carried” that Grizzlies team close to making the playoffs. First of all the Grizzlies and Morant collapsed in the bubble. They were almost surefire to make the playoffs as at least the eighth seed when entering the bubble but because of their horrible play in the bubble and excellence from other teams the Grizzlies somehow completely missed out on the playoffs. Most of the reason why the Grizzlies struggled was because Morant was struggling. While Morant does do a lot for his team Morant didn’t carry an abysmal team to the playoffs like Lebron used to do in his first years with the Cavs. While Morant wasn’t on a superteam his supporting cast was nothing to scoff at. He had people like Jaren Jackson Jr, Jonas Valanciunas, and Dillon Brooks to name a few on his team supporting him. This was one of the best non-superteam supporting casts in the NBA. Even in the bubble when Morant was collapsing Grayson Allen had an emergence to try to push the struggling Grizzlies to the playoffs. Morant was still not able to get that team to the playoffs. While this article was about how Ja Morant is overrated if Morant continues to work on his craft Morant could easily be a threat to come, and while he is that threat now, he is overrated and we need to acknowledge that to give other players the credit they deserve.