Scientist May Have Found A 5th Layer To Earth

Scientist May Have Found A 5th Layer To Earth

Finn Woolf, Writer

Scientists have found a possibility that there is a 5th layer to earth. For a long time, scientists have thought that there were just 4 layers to our earth. The crust, The mantle, The outer core, and the inner core.

The new layer that has been found is inside the inner core, it is a second layer to the inner core. If the earths inner core has an average heat of 9,392° Fahrenheit then would the inner inner core have double that number or 18784°.

“The team used a search algorithm to trawl through and match thousands of models of the inner core with observed data across many decades about how long seismic waves take to travel through Earth, gathered by the International Seismological Centre.” Says

Joanne Stephenson says “It’s very exciting – and might mean we have to re-write the textbooks!” Stephenson works at Australian National University as a geophysicist.