Man Saves Young Girl From Drowning and in Return the Mother Is Paying For His Wedding

Cordelia Peterson, Writer

On their last day of vacation a young girl, Haylee Whiting , was sucked into a rip current in Monterey California. She was unable to get out of the wave and began crying for help. Her mother Samantha Whiting heard her cries and swam out to save her. But Samantha wasn’t strong enough for the current and she was pulled in too. The mother clung to the daughter praying that they would make it out.
Suddenly, Kevin Cozzi a random passersby noticed the 2.
“I’ve been swimming since I was 3 years old competitively, so I felt like I could get to them. I ran out there and as soon as I got to the mom, I knew she was struggling,” Kevin Cozzi said.
He pulled the daughter from the moms arms and was able to get them both out one by one. The three made it to shore safely. None of them had any injuries.
However, the Whitings were never able to fully thank Cozzi. They never got his last name and there were hundreds of people on the beach that day. Finding him could be impossible.
But Samantha Whiting began to search social media as soon as she got home. Within a few days she was able to find him. She reached out thanking him for what he did for her family. Kevin mentioned that he was getting married in the fall.
Then Haylee suggested that they find a way to pay for the hero’s dream wedding. Of course this wouldn’t be easy. Not many families can just randomly pay for a dream wedding. But The Whitings would be willing to do anything for the person who saved their lives.
So the family set up a GoFundMe for Cozzi. Within a few days the page was at 2,000 dollars and still climbing.
Cozzi will accept the money but never swam after the girl for a reward. He just wanted to see the family safe and happy.
“That girl being saved was enough for me, honestly,” he explained.
The 3 will see each other again when the Whiting Family attends Cozzi’s wedding in the fall.