Easy Chocolate Servers


Amelia Bachman, Writer

There are many chocolate delicacies that are used to serve other desserts that take lots of time and effort to make, however as a home baker, and especially in quarantine, you might want something easier. Some examples of easier servers could be using a mold, but in this case, I do not have any molds so I had to make these all using different methods. Depending on the dessert, you might want to use white chocolate or different colors of chocolate but I don’t have any other chocolate than semi-sweet, dark, and milk chocolates so these are some easy recipes/instructions to make classic chocolate cups or bowls. 

There are some really common ways to do this that you might see online so I took a few popular ones to test out. The first recipe/way to do this is freezing a popsicle stick in cubed ice and when you take it out of the freezer, you dip it in melted chocolate and wait until it is ready to come out and then you have your cup. So for this one, I didn’t have any popsicle sticks on me so I improvised and cut a chopstick in half and used it that way. For this one, I used semi-sweet chocolate and melted it in the microwave just because it takes less time than the stove and is easier. Whenever I microwave chocolate I always use 30-second intervals and that usually works really well. After I took the cup out of the microwave, I tried to quickly dip the ice into the chocolate before it just cooled off too much. When I did this it did not want to dip at all and it just completely indented the chocolate so it hardened a bit, but it didn’t go onto the ice cube. After I realized it wouldn’t go on I used a fork to try to coat the ice cube in chocolate and that actually worked a bit and I set it off to the side. When it cooled it actually had this cool messy look that was pretty nice so I would say that this was a good strategy if you are looking for a funkier look on your server. 

The next recipe uses cupcakes or muffin wraps/tins(depends on which one you want) but I didn’t want to dirty any dishes so I used the disposable wraps. However, this is the problem: as I went to get the wraps out on our pantry, I found out that we don’t actually have any, but since I am a good improviser, I used a coffee filter instead which is similar except it is more like a funnel than a cup. So, first I of course microwaved the chocolate with the same length of intervals and then I carefully spooned chocolate into the filter. After I did this I had to let it sit for a few minutes just to get its shape and cool off a bit. When the chocolate was cool, I slowly shaped the chocolate into a more bowl or cup shape so that it could hold other desserts easily. For this one, I actually had to use the fridge to cool it off a bit more just because this one isn’t immediate because it didn’t use the ice method. When it was finally cool, I took it out of the fridge and made it a bit more bowl-like which took a bit of patient because working with chocolate is hard, but I eventually got there. This one was again not perfect but it looked better than the other. It had some nice texture and flavor so overall it worked. 

After going through this chocolate experiment, I settled down and filled both of these up with whipped cream and fruit. This is a delicious and easy treat at home. Enjoy!