The Wind and the Traveler


Fiona Perry, Writer

The wind whispers to a traveler,

The wind crawled into their boat.

The wind knows the destination,

The wind chooses where they go.

The wind wraps the traveler in luck,

And keeps the waves away.

The wind loves the traveler,

And would never lead it astray.

The wind tells the traveler to fear the rocks,

The wind’s warning the traveler does not heed,

 And that is how both the traveler and his boat,

Sunk to the bottom of the Sea.

The wind wept for days over the traveler,

But his tears were washed away by the waves.

The wind roared his sadness to the villagers,

But they closed their doors and pushed the wind away.

The wind went to the rocks and eroded them to dust,

But soon new rocks came, powering the wind’s disgust.  

The hills told the wind of someone they loved too,

Their loved one fell off their cliffs and was swallowed by the blue.

The wind asked how the hills recovered from their grief,

But the hills had no answer, so the wind blew away in disbelief.

The wind stopped his roars and let out a sigh,

It sat still for days but soon a traveler answered the wind’s silent cry.

The wind crawled into their boat and became the traveler’s loyal guide,

The traveler listened to the wind, and the wind finally dried it’s teary eyes.