The Camping Trip

The Camping Trip

Katherine Essien, Writer

I got out the family van, we were in the middle of the woods, it and muddy and humid 


“Why are we here” I asked 


“We are going to stay in a cabin i rented ” my mom replied  


“But it’s wet” I said 


“You have to give it a chance Camila” My mom replied 


“Yeah it will be fun” said my little brother liam 


“Fine” I replied 


We entered the cabin and it was nice but kinda creepy, it had a fireplace, and 2 rooms, I got the smallest room since my mom and my brother were sharing the biggest one. After I put my bags down I decided to take a nap. When I woke up it was dark outside and the house seemed empty 


“Mom, Liam” I yelled 


 But  I got no reply, maybe they went on and walk or maybe to the car. I’ll just call them… there was no internet, so I waited for them to come back but no one came and I was alone. 




I heard as the power went out in the cabin, it sounded like a power box broke, which meant I had nothing but food and a useless phone.