Horrors Of the Deep Pt.2


Syd Turner, writer

It’s just a wild animal. I think to myself. Coming out of my tent I look outside. Nothing out there but the new sun rising into the morning air. I go back into my tent and get ready for the day. Coming out of the tent with everything that was in it back into my backpack. I put that into my car. I finish packing up my campsite and move my car to the parking lot close to a hiking trail. I grab my backpack and get going. I hike for miles, my phone already at five percent. I stop and fall to the ground. The ground shifts behind me. I drop down into a river, already yards away from the trail. Minutes go by while I still lay in the river.

Emma get out of there. I think to myself. I look around me. I see a branch. I sway over and grab the branch. The water tries to pull me back into its depths. After what felt like hours I got to land. I immediately lay down. Looking at the sky which was already beginning to darken. The wind washes over me, making me shiver because of the cold water still stuck to me. I close my eyes trying to imagine the good in the day. But what good was there. I was lost in the wild. The only food I had was a river soaked granola bar. My whole camping backpack was floating in the river just like I was just a couple minutes ago. I sit up and look around. Finally noticing where I was. I reach into my pocket and grab my cell phone. It was three percent, still wrapped in the plastic bag I had put it in back at the campsite. Something flashed by me. I saw something. I put the plastic bag pack into my pocket and stand up. I see the car that I saw earlier on the road, it was far in the distance but I was sure it was that car, when something like that happens to you, you seem to remember every single detail. I walk over to the car, wanting to ask the person why they stopped. But they weren’t in the car. I look around trying to find where they went. I see a mansion, with the door ajar.