Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks


Felix Ronchetti, Writer

The NFL is full of great QB talent but some stand out out of the crowd. These are my top 5 QBs after the 2020 season. This is just my opinion so try not to get too mad.

Number 5, Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

No one could have known the level of play that Justin Herbert showed in his first season. One of the best draft picks in recent history, Herbert had the best rookie year for a quarterback of all-time. Herbert set multiple records for a first-year QB like most passing touchdowns, most 300-yard games, and most completions. The Chargers made a great pick drafting Herbert 6th overall, he earned the offensive rookie of the year and became a top 5 quarterback in just 15 starts. Adding a young, top-notch QB is the type of move that can propel franchises to become a permanent lock for the playoffs in upcoming years.

Number 4, Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

There’s a reason why most of the league has asked about acquiring Deshaun Watson. As one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Watson is a true star stuck on an island of problems in Huston. Despite a crumbling team, Watson established his place as one of the top five QBs in 2020, leading all passers in yards and setting new career-highs in completion % and touchdowns. Wherever Watson ends up, he will likely be on the shortlist of early MVP candidates and could help lead his new team to the playoffs in their first season together.

Number 3, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers was the best quarterback in 2020 and he has another MVP trophy to show for it. However, it still didn’t lead to another trip to the Super Bowl. Having been there just once, winning in 2010, his lack of playoff dominance is really the only thing standing in his way of being considered one of the top five quarterbacks to ever play the game. At 37 years old, Rodgers is coming off the best season of his 16-year career. Another frustrating end to his season has led to crazy speculations but the Packers can make all that go away by adding some more talented receivers and extending his contract a couple more years.

Number 2, Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

While their season didn’t end on a high note, Josh Allen took a massive leap in his development in 2020. As a rookie in 2018, Allen finished with the worst completion percentage among NFL starting QBs at 52.8%. This past season, Allen improved his completion rate to 69.2%, it’s the largest improvement in the span of two years in NFL history. He went from being an inconsistent cannon arm with erratic accuracy to being an MVP candidate capable of leading his team to the Conference Championship with one incredible season. Next year, maybe he can get the number 1 spot.

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

There’s a small part of me that says it’s insane not to have the NFL’s MVP, Aaron Rodgers, in first place. Small part. The thing is, Patrick Mahomes can do things that nobody else can, at least not as well. Mahomes takes the cake for having the best arm the game has ever seen. He can throw miles. Mahomes makes ridiculous throws on the run, he has a million different throwing angles and isn’t scared to throw a blind pass. There is a reason why Mahomes has led his team to two consecutive Super Bowl berths. Sure, Mahomes has a great coach and some of the best skill-position players in the league at his disposal, but Mahomes is still the one making all the incredible plays only he seems capable of pulling off.