Texas having a serious freeze


Josie Pass, Writer

Texas is having a hard time right know after there big snowstorm on February 19 2021. People are saying it is causing a lot of power outages and there appears to be no water sources leading to a lot of deaths. Texas is on one power line for their state. So when the power goes out they have to think of something fast because it does not come from another one.  And most of their houses and buildings don’t have the coverage that most places do so it is affecting their heat there for there is none. Even grocery stores are shutting down because there is no food! Most Texan’s have been keeping warm by turning on the stove for their kids to put their hands over. The governor Greg Abbott said “Texans deserve answers about why the shortfalls occurred, and how they’re going to be corrected and Texans will get those answers,” And he is not wrong nobody should be going through this so hopefully this matter strikes and they make a change.