Like Me Pt. 4

Like Me Pt. 4

Ethan Murch and Mason Motes, Writer



Birdie woke up the next morning and there was sweat beading down her face. She had another one of those bad dreams again. She glanced at her alarm clock. It read: 6:18 AM. Wow, it’s early, I’ll bet Mom and Dad aren’t even awake yet! Birdie pondered.

 She carefully stepped out of bed, trying not to make a sound, and crept down the hallway. She held her breath as she tiptoed down the staircase. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she grabbed a flashlight out of the junk drawer and turned it on. Then she heard a muffled Thump! Thump! Thump! Coming from the attic.

As she climbed back up the stairs, she heard a distinct sound of glass being shattered. What if Avery is up there? She ran down the hall where the attic was. She saw the door to it ajar, and her heart started beating against her ribcage like a Frankenstein monster locked in a dungeon. She took a few more steps forward and saw Avery. “Looks like someone’s come to play,” Avery said with a mix of evil and content evident in her tone-

“Birdie Jane Anderson!” She spun around and saw her mother looking at her with a flinty expression. “Get your doll out of there right now!” She grabbed Avery, but as she did, she started to feel dizzy, and everything shrank into this little black dot…