The 2021 Nfl Trade Predictions

Where will Nfl superstars Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt go too?


Deshaun Wattson and JJ Watt plsy their final game together

Ollie Guyor, Official Nfl writer

The NFL season is over until next August, yet the Nfl fans and community have been predicting the next season, including trades. With the community un-resting till the next season, here are some trade predictions and theories.

There have been 2 major trades so far this off season. With Stafford being traded to the Rams, while Goff and some picks were traded to the Lions. While Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts for a 2021 3rd round pick, and a 2022 second round pick that could become a first round pick, called a conditional pick. The final quarterback the whole NFL community thinks will be traded is Deshaun Watson, the Texans quarterback. There are many teams fans think he will go to. Most of the community thought he would go to is the New York Jets. This is because they have the 2nd most cap space, and a bunch of great picks. Another fan favorite is the Chicago Bears, who passed not only Deshaun Watson, but also Super bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Bears don’t have much cap space, or draft picks but what they do have is great players. This would just be personal for the Bears, fixing one of the worst mistakes in franchise history. Some other teams that seem likely are the, 49ers, Panthers, Broncos and even the Patriots. Panthers when they have a good quarterback are at least a playoff contender, 49ers does not need to be explained, Broncos have the 7th most cap space, and teammates have been saying if he gets traded or released, go with the Broncos. He even met up with Kareem Jackson. Finally the Patriots have the 3rd most cap space and Bill Belicheck. Speaking of Texans, 3 time defensive player of the year JJ watt has been released by the Texans. The NFL community is so divided on this topic. So many teams have been thought to try and get Watt. Will Watt go play with his brother TJ Watt and Dereck Watt on the Steelers. But if he does he will have to discount his pay a lot. Will he go to the Buffalo Bills just to try and play in the superbowl. Can he go to Cleveland and line up right next to superstar Myles Garret. Or is he a Titan, and can fix Tennesee defensive problems. No matter where these superstars go, these superstars will continue to be great.