Friday Night Funkin Destroys all competition!


Chase Russell, Writer

Game Category: Rhythm

Age recommendation: 12+

In early 2021, Friday Night Funkin by Ninjamuffin99 was released to the public. The game grew in popularity but only until recently it’s blown up. The game is a music game of the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. The music doesn’t have any voices and it’s more of “beep boop bop” stuff.

The music is sorted into “weeks” each week having a different character and music. The character’s names are Mom, Dad, Pico, Spooky month, and a person inside a video game. The fifth one is the Mom and Dad. This isn’t entirely family-friendly but it doesn’t show anything bad just (no cuss words but just things that people might see as “inappropriate”

There are mods you can find that allow you to go against different people, music, and colors! For example characters from different games like Undertale, Mario, etc