Little Nightmares II


Chase Russell, Writer

Little Nightmares II




Little Nightmares II is a suspense adventurer game where you play as a character named Mono, a young boy who is trapped in a world filled with monster people! Monon and Six go through tons of monsters and puzzles on the way to find out what has happened and how! 



The game starts off with Mono in the woods and happens to find Six. They continue to leave until a deformed man appears and tries to kill them. In the end, They do end up finding a way to get rid of him while searching around the city, Mono and Six encounters a teacher that can grow her neck out as much as she wants! They do end up finding a way out but after passing through close encounter and real encounters with her



Mono, Six, teacher, doctor, tall man

These are the only types of characters that are really important



In the end, they dont find out but Six sabotages Mono. Leaving him to rot underneath