Am I Eating My Pizza the Wrong Way?


Amy Penn, Writer

Pizza. It is delicious yet messy. Pizza is a very popular and beloved food all around the world. But so many people eat it in so many different ways, so what is the correct way to eat it? Do I cut it with a fork and knife? Do I fold it in half? Do I eat the crust first to save the cheesy part for the final bite? How am I supposed to eat my pizza? 

As we all know, pizza originated in Italy. So shouldn’t we eat it the way Italians eat it? Italians eat their pizza mostly using the fork and knife technique. As soon as the pizza is out of the oven, they cut a slice from the pie, put it on their plate, and start cutting it with a fork and knife starting from the tip and moving upward. Only once the pizza has cooled and there is only a small portion of the slice left, is it acceptable to pick it up and eat it. However, when you eat your slice with your hands, you must not fold it in half simply because there is no need to. 

According to food expert Daniel Young, you have most likely been eating your pizza the wrong way your entire life – and it has been affecting the taste. Young claims that the correct way to eat your pizza is to fold it up and then eat it starting with the crust first. Why fold your slice before you eat it? Young says that folding the slice traps all the cheesy toppings inside so they don’t slide off when you try to take a bite. Additionally, Young says that folding it “causes you to experience the pizza in thicker bread-first bites as a delicious pocket with fillings, instead of as a thin mess of stuff that you have to stuff into your mouth haphazardly.” 

Alex Delany from Bon Appetit says, “I once saw somebody eat pizza the Pizza Spliff way.” He says this way is when you roll the slice from crust to tip, creating a pizza-taquito-joint type thing. You then eat the pizza from the end, moving your way up. 

There are so many different ways to eat pizza. So, which way should you eat your pizza? However, you want! Eat your pizza however you want, just make sure it tastes good!