Aftermath of Super Bowl LV

Oliver Gustavson, Sports Editor

The Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the team’s fans, were crushed by the Chief’s humiliating loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the 55th Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida, on February 7, 2021.  Despite a boost of morale and confidence among the Chiefs players after a glorious victory against the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s Super Bowl, star quarterback Patrick Mahome’s talent and perseverance was not enough to prevent his team from losing to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, with a final score of 9-31.  Many NFL followers who believed that the Chiefs would be the next major football dynasty are now second-guessing the future of the team.  Tom Brady, after all, has had a history of beating rival teams bad enough to prevent potential NFL dynasties from leaving behind a well-respected and admirable legacy.  Ironically enough, in the year 2000, the Chiefs were at the top of the football hierarchy until they suffered a humiliating loss to the New England Patriots, whom Brady had just been drafted into.  This time, however, many people thought that no matter how poorly the Chiefs performed at the Super Bowl, the sensational and ever-more popular Mahomes would be the team’s saving grace.  But no game can be won by any one player; the entire team has to pull their own weight.  And this time, Mahomes’s team let him down.  Whether the Chiefs lost due to over-confidence, lack of effort, or under-estimation of Brady’s abilities, when the push came to shove, the team’s player’s didn’t have the drive to win.  However, if any team has overcome adversity time and time again, it is the Chiefs under the leadership of Coach Andy Reid.  Reid’s excellent leadership, combined with the team’s resilience and strength, led them to win the 54th Super Bowl by scoring 21 points in the final seven and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter.  The losses the Chiefs had suffered along the way in the season prior to the 54th Super Bowl demonstrate that no matter how good a team may be at winning in the face of overwhelming odds, no team can overcome these odds every time.  These teams are not measured by how often they overcome the odds, but rather the fact that they have the resilience to score a righteous victory the next time.  When they suffer a loss, they use it as an opportunity to improve.  The Chiefs under Reid have always been an example of that type of team.  Despite the team’s spirit being crushed, their defeat will only make them better players and come back better than ever in the next season.  The Chiefs still have a chance to become the next major Football dynasty.