The Fears Of The Basketball Game


Genesis Key, Writer

As the clock wind down 

Tick, tick

As my breath went over the seas

And the crowds winding down their cheers

I had the ball in my hand

It was win or lose

It was win or go home

That’s all I had in my mind 

But I also wish that fears never exist

Then fear of my brain

Would let go

I tried too many times to win

But I couldn’t do enough

I bounce the ball many times

But it always fail

I tried call my teammates 

But they all rely on me 

I stop

Then awakened from the cold of my heart

And then pass the ball to my teammate 

My heart rush itself

My heart pounded as fast it could

Then suddenly the ground started to snake

The every person had their foot up down , up and down

My patience grew smaller

My anger gotten heated

And I was tired of the doubts

I was tired of the shames and lies people told

I was tired of being afraid

Then I pull a all mighty 

I call the ball back

I went straight to the free throw line

I pull up a jumper

And ….. Swish

The ball went in 

My happiness went to 100

The crowds came running 

Everybody was happy 

Expect for the losing team

I jump so high

That can I cried

And that was day when all my fears of a basketball game went away