Is Brushing your teeth always beneficial


Zenat Zumer, Writer

Brushing your teeth is very beneficial but it can have a little side effects as well.Such as when you brush too vigorously or over brushing can cause swollen or red gums after brushing or potentially bleeding gums and it could lead to sensitive teeth and damage the back gums or root area.Mostly brushing your teeth everyday is a very good idea because it helps prevent gum disease and it is removing plaque which is a sticky bacteria in the middle of your gum and top tooth.It also prevent you from having gingivitis and oral disease because it helps keep healthy and a good smile it also helps with bad breath.If you are deciding to never brush your teeth then you can develop cavities,tooth decay,or periodontal disease which is when you have a serious dental infection that damages your gums and destroys your jaw bone you will see a buildup of forming at the gum line and a smell might develop and your dentist might figure the presence of gum disease so you might want to think twice before that decision.After all brushing your teeth can keep working on a mouth healthy and it maintains good oral hygiene and oral health.It is always good to brush twice a day morning and night when it comes to flossing it is also very important and it should come in your daily routines in the morning or any given time because it is effective at cleaning areas where the toothbrush cannot reach such as small gaps between your teeth and gums ,both floss and toothbrush work together to give you a great smile and healthy metabolism.Overall brushing and flossing your teeth is always important and helps you a lot even when younger and older.