Reasons Why Cats Are Great Pets


Linus Bartlett, Writer

Reasons Why Cats Are Great Pets


Many people love having pets, but how do you choose the kind of  pet you should have?  Cats are great pets.

Cats make great pets for many reasons. Cats are quiet. All they do in meow every once in a while, but they mostly sleep. They walk quietly and play quietly. 

Cats don’t need a lot of attention. They play on their own. They will chase hair ties, stuffed animals and balls around the house. 

Cats are relaxing to pet. They are soft. They are calm. They can calm you down when you are feeling mad or stressed out. Sometimes they can tell that you are upset and they calm you. 

Cats don’t need to go outside for exercise like dogs. They run around in the house when they need exercise. They also  jump up onto high places to get exercise. 

And that is some of the reasons cats are great pets.