Should people be more careful about covid-19

Sidney Pham, writer

Should people be more careful about covid-19? I think yes because some people still don’t wear masks and don’t care about it. When people don’t wear masks it starts a spread of covid. Most stores require masks if you want to go in. Some states and countries are covid free because when the pandemic started they took it seriously so they can go wherever without masks. You should also be careful about covid because it can spread easily if one person gets exposed. You can spread it to your family members and then they can spread it to anyone else. Covid 19 isn’t that dangerous but it affects older people more than younger people like kids and adults in their 30’s. The symptoms for covid are runny nose,cough,loss of taste or smell, fever. The symptoms don’t usually show up until 1 to 2 weeks after what if you do get positive for a covid-19 test you have to quarantine for 14 days or so. They have come out with a covid -19 vaccine and medical workers were one of the first people to get it. They are now opening the vaccine to a lot of people. Schools are able to get their students sbck to in person school safely. They do a lot of safety procedures to make sure kids can go back to school and not have to worry about getting exposed. Overall, I think people should be way more careful with covid so things can slowly go back to normal.