Abominable Review


Roni Khaustova, Writer

Abominable is an animated adventure movie released in 2019. In my opinion, it is the best animated movie ever released and you really should watch it!


A yeti kept away in a laboratory escapes, causing the workers to ask each other who will tell that to Mr. Burnish, the owner of the lab. Meanwhile, a Chinese teenager named Yi lives with her mother and grandmother in an apartment. Her father had passed away recently. Yi has a small tent on the roof of her building, where she spends a lot of time and plays the violin. One night the yeti climbs into Yi’s tent, where she finds him. The yeti is untrustworthy of her until Yi feeds him and nurses his hurt paw. She hid him in the tent and figured out he is from Mount Everest. She names him Everest and Yi is determined to get Everest home. 


Chloe Bennet voices Yi, Eddie Izzard voices Mr. Burnish, Sarah Paulson plays Dr. Zara (Who comes in later in the story).


I really liked this movie because it has plot twists, action and it’s beautifully animated. I would give it 5/5 stars.