How to Survive if You Are Kidnapped


Jack Phiel, Editor

While the odds of getting kidnapped are incredibly low, you should still know what to do if you are somehow kidnapped so you make it out alive. While the odds of getting kidnapped are incredibly low, the odds of surviving a kidnapping are very high. Being kidnapped is obviously a terrifying and traumatizing experience, but it is important to stay calm and cooperate with the kidnapper(s).

Your best defense in a kidnapping is to cooperate with the kidnapper; and the more time goes by, believe it or not the more likely you are to survive. However, your best chance to escape is in the beginning, while you are still in a public place. Kidnappings can happen anywhere: in the street, in your car, even in a store or hotel. If it is too dangerous to escape, you should still try to bring as much attention to yourself as safely possible. It is critically important to make others aware of your situation, either by yelling or creating a commotion. Otherwise, it could be hours before your abduction is reported to the police, and by then the kidnapper could have taken you hundreds of miles away. This is why it is critical to try to bring attention to yourself so others, and the police know of your kidnapping immediately. This way, the kidnapper can only have taken you so far away.

I have already mentioned this, but it is vital to stay calm. If you panic, your situation could take a bad turn, so you need to stay calm and stay aware of your situation. When you are being transported, try to take note of the route you are taking, (the turns you take, or any visual reference to get an idea of where you are being taken).

If you are being taken as a hostage, the most important thing to do is to cooperate with the kidnapper. If you are a hostage, believe it or not, you are the most valuable thing to the kidnapper, because the only way they can make money is in exchange for you being returned safely. This is why if you are being taken as a hostage your chances of survival are very high.

In conclusion, in the extraordinary event that you are kidnapped or taken as a hostage, follow these tips in order to make it out of the situation alive and unharmed.