How to Survive Valentines Day

How to Survive Valentines Day

Liam Gamache, staff writer

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and with the pandemic throwing the school system out of whack, this usually fun holiday could be a lot to navigate. So, this is the essential guide of how to survive valentine’s day (in quarantine) for 2021.

First of all, it is important to recognize that almost half of the kids at Mcaulliffe are going to be at home this valentines, and handing someone a gift is surprisingly hard thanks to COVID. This is why the most important tip I can give to surviving middle school valentines is to not get your hopes up.This may sound cynical, but especially at a time like this, it’s even less probable that someone is going to get you a gift, so just go into the 14th of this month with a healthy dose of realism. This also doubles as a pleasant surprise on the off chance that someone likes you, because since your hopes are down, when they get raised it feels even better than usual. Finally, not getting your hopes up is an important step to any valentines day because it helps ease the anxiety of waiting for your present.

The second tip I have for surviving valentine’s day in quarantine is to make sure you respect the quarantine rules even though it is a holiday”. Make sure if you intend on getting a gift for anyone, that you wipe it down and use hand sanitizer. Furthermore,sharing food and candy is still not a good idea, and trading candy is against the rules. There has been evidence that infection rates of COVID 19 increase during major holidays such as christmas and Halloween. Even though valentine’s day is a much more minor holiday, the sharing of goods still makes it susceptible to raised rates of infection. 


My final tip to surviving middle school valentine’s day is to treat it as just that, middle school valentines day. Please refrain from getting every single kid in the entire school a gift. That is for elementary school. I know that it feels like a nice sediment, but I have 2 reasons why mass gift handouts are not as great as they seem. First of all, we don’t need another halloween. Holidays are already over commercialized as it is, and one more holiday for big candy companies to take over is never good. Secondly, if everyone has a gift, then the effect of that gift is destroyed. If you give a kid a lollipop, and then a second later he sees you hand out lollipops to everyone around him, he suddenly feels a lot less appreciated(although if he read this article he should have known not to get his hopes up.).

On a more serious note, know that whatever happens on the 14th will likely have no detrimental effect on your life. This is just a day of fun and a way of honoring the people we care about. It doesn’t matter who gets you a gift or who you give a gift to, if that means a friend or family member, as long as it is someone you love and trust. Stay safe and have fun.