Difficulty with Social Distancing Between Football Teams


By Ava Lowery

      As we all know about COVID-19, social distancing is very important, especially with sports. Sports are a big part of our lives, considering that there are over a thousand football players, wrestling and attacking each other for the ball. 


      Without social distancing, COVID-19 will turn into a major problem, worse than it already is. If we stay completely 6 feet apart from each other, the virus could stop spreading, but if we do stay distanced, sports might not continue.


      Football teams are affected the most considering that the athletes have to tackle and collide with each other. Because of this, they are definitely not socially distancing which is a huge problem. If everyone who participates in football social distances, COVID-19 will get better.


      A significant problem that football faces, like other team sports, is not being able to social distance. Football participants are at risk of developing COVID. 


      Stating that people constantly don’t wear masks or social distance, it makes this whole situation worse. Too many people have already died from COVID-19. Also, young and uneducated adults say that “masks don’t do anything.” Masks are supposed to prevent your germs from escaping your mouth and nose, from spreading to others.


      Social distancing is extremely important especially during this time. It is very hard to maintain distance while playing football and other sports with significant physical contact. This means that social distancing is extremely important, meanwhile very difficult to maintain while playing physical sports.