Fantasy Basketball


Brady Cooper, Writer

Fantasy Basketball is an online fun basketball league. It is not a game but it is a draft where you pick up players for your team. Your team will consist of a PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. Also teams sometimes in leagues will be given 2 bench spots and a utility that will be a player of any position. 


The league I play in follows the rules where there are 9 categories to win in. The 9 of them are field goal percentage, free throw percentage, Points, 3 pointers made, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, and Turnovers. At the end of each week if you have more categories than your opponent you win that week. 


Every day you can set your lineup for your players depending on who is playing that day. Let’s say LeBron James plays one day and not the next, you would move him out the next day for another player who is playing. Each week you can check if your team is good in some things like points. So you might find a player in other categories. The keys are having players that are good all around. So are you up to the challenge?