Shrimp Egg Fried Rice Recipe


Olivia Bocevski, Writer

Today I will be revealing a very simple and delicious shrimp egg fried rice recipe. I’ve been eating this fried rice since I was very young so I’m not sure where this recipe is from. It’s very simple and addicting. 


Egg Fried Rice Ingredients


2 Eggs

1 Big bowl of rice (a day old is better)

1 Spring onion 


⅓ of an onion 

Korean sesame oil (참기름)

Oyster Sauce (굴 소스)

Sesame seeds


First, you will put oil in your pan. If you’re going to put your shrimp in, cook for about 2~3 minutes.

Second, you will crack both of your eggs and put in your ⅓ onions. Scramble them together for about 1~2 minutes.

Third, you’re going to put in your rice, along with some Korean sesame oil. The sesame oil will help you mix your ingredients and rice better.

About 1~2 minutes later, put in a spoon full of oyster sauce and the chopped up spring onions and mix well for another minute.

Put some sesame seeds on top as well.


Then, you’re all done! You can find all of the ingredients at H mart (an Asian market).