Brothers Fake Serious Murder For Social Media

Lila Carlson

Two Brothers were arrested for faking killing the other to post on the internet.

On January 24 at 5:46 pm Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center got a call from saying that someone had been stabbed at a residential home  In silver spring, Maryland. “The caller said that two brothers had been fighting and one of them stabbed the other in the neck,” The Montgomery police said. 


The police had arrived to find that 21-year-old male identified later as Denidson Jean lying in a puddle of his blood on the floor holding his T-shirt to his neck. There was also a 19-year-old male holding a knife covered in Mr jean’s blood. He said “I didn’t mean to” according to MCPD ( Montgomery County Police Department ) 


Many of the residents in the home were in emotional distress, yelling, and crying.

An officer immediately began first aid and was treating the stab for approximately 2 minutes before Denidson sat up and burst out laughing and said it was all a prank for social media.

The brothers had planned this and it had all been a hoax for social media.

They had gotten fake blood and hidden a camera in a kitchen light. It seems that none of the residents knew about the prank. Pierre and Denidson had created a bloody scene and then He asked the residents to call 911/The police 5 times

Denidson Jean and Pierre Jean were subsequently arrested on Feb. 8 in Silver Spring, Maryland, and transported to the Central Processing Unit before being released from custody.