Should People Go On Vacation During A Pandemic


Sidney Pham, Writer


  Should people go on vacation during a pandemic? I think people should be able to because it’s their choice if they want to take that risk, flights are also cheaper so a lot of people are going on vacation because they are bored at home and want to go somewhere. Most corona cases come from the airport and so many people are in one plane or one building. Most people go to places where they are in quarantine like California and Hawaii. A lot of people who go on planes catch covid once they get to their destination or back to their home. If you wanna go on vacation you have to take a covid-19 test before you go to the airport so you aren’t exposing anyone. After you get back from vacation you have to take a covid test and quarantine for 14 days or more. The reason why you need to quarantine is because covid-19 symptoms start to show in a week or 2, even if you take a test right after and it tests negative but it hasn’t been 2 weeks you should still quarantine because you don’t want to risk getting your family or friends sick. If you are to travel the airport is doing a lot of safety requirements if you wanna go. A lot of families get some symptoms but don’t get covid or they do get covids but now everyone in the family does. You are required to wear a good face mask when you travel so you don’t spread anything. Overall, traveling through a pandemic is your choice but just make sure you are being careful and safe.