Why The Pinky Toe is The Worst Toe to Stub


Ryan Dawson, Editor

Stubbing your toe. Its a horrible thing to do, nobody likes it, its painful, and its common. But the worst toe to stub is by far the pinky toe. The Pinky Toe is the smallest toe on the foot, on the very right and left of each foot respectively. Its generally the hardest to hurt since the other toes protect it due to their size. When stubbing your toe you mainly hurt your Big Toe or your second biggest toe. And this is precisely why stubbing your pinky toe is the worst.

Due to the fact the other toes are meat shields for the pinky toe means that it rarely ever experienced pain itself. This means that when you do stub it, its going to hurt a lot more because its a rare occurance. When the pain hurts a lot more, you can go into shock if you stub it bad enough. The pain returns after a bit after your body calms down from flight or fight mode, and its really not fun. The pain lasts for a while after you stub it. This comes from personal experience, as this happened to me yesterday.

In addition, the pain is concentrated in a small point, which might seem better, but its not, because you focus on that point, and dont pay attention to the rest of your non-hurting body. Also, if you stub the Pinky Toe hard enough, itll swell and it will make your shoes not fun to wear due to the bigger size. All in all, the pinky toe is the worst toe to stub due to its low pain tolerance, its small size, and swelling