A Sticky “Hair-Raising” Situation


Ryleah Ponds, Writer

A girl uses gorilla glue on her hair, a girl named Tessica put gorilla glue in her hair. Why, it is because she did her hair and she ran out of this hair glue called Got2b glue and she thought she can put Gorilla glue spray in her hair, but thing is she had hair style for a month and it was stuck. So what she did was make a TikTok and asked for help, and it blew up it almost has 30mil views. People were reacting and dueting the video and making request on what she should do, she unfortunately did not take the request and had to go to the hospital and what the hospital did was give her acetone and acetone wipes to wipe on her head.


She showed two updates on her head on her Youtube and Instagram she even got verified on Instagram, she’s so famous now people made it a trend to put Gorilla Glue on there hair and on there eyelash. Some people even making memes out of her too the famous line from her is “I washed my hair 15 times !!!” The reason that she hasn’t shaved her head is because when she went to the hospital they tried to shave it off but they ran into more glue, but luckily she did go to cut her ponytail off as if you seen in the TMZ photos. So before she can shave her head she has to get all of the glue out her hair. She still has the glue in her hair but hopefully she can get it out.