Teachers Getting Vaccine

Teachers Getting Vaccine

Finn Woolf, Writer

The teachers of McAuliffe and all over the country are beginning the vaccine proses. Here in Colorado teachers are part of the 1B.2 rollout.

Most teachers are getting the Moderna vaccine. When a assistant principle for Swigert got hers she said “I was very emotional when getting the vaccine, to know that it is the end of the pandemic is amazing.”

Kids won’t be getting the vaccine any time soon because when teachers, who are more likely to get the virus, get the vaccine then the kids who are around them all day will stay safe.

Teachers also might be feeling bad after there shots, so you may have a day or two of boring, grouchy teachers. When the teachers do feel this way it is probably best to not do anything that is against the rules for the teachers will have short tempers and might snap.

Even though the teachers are getting vaccinated we will most likely still be wearing mask for sometime because of the fact that kids with high risk health conditions, or kids bringing home the virus to parents and grandparents.