Buccaneers defeat Chiefs In Super Bowl LV


Henry Caldwell, Writer

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the 55 Super Bowl. The score was 31-9 in the Bucs favor. Analysts say the Chiefs just did not show up. Most people had the Chiefs winning and Tom Brady  handing over the torch to the talented young superstar Patrick Mahomes. I guess we will have to wait one more year or even more for the arguable GOAT to go away. 


This was not only a historic day in the franchise of Tampa and its fans but it was also a historic day for Tom Brady. Tom Brady now has more super bowls than any whole franchise! Tom Brady who has 7 Rings has more than the most decorated franchises with the Pittsburgh Steelers who have 6 rings as well as the New England Patriots who Tom Brady won all 6 of their rings. 


All in all this whole NFL season was crazy. With COVID striking the league and all that 2020 has had to offer. Thank gosh it’s over. This was Tampa’s second ever Super Bowl and the season before they were trash. It just goes to show what getting Tom Brady on your team can do. Knock on wood there is no outbreak because of the Super Bowl. And golly that Halftime Show was terrible. No offense to The Weeknd but you have to step up your game.